i Mooin for da Booty

~Hoodlum~Tim Drake~

I’ve been anticipating on drawing Tim with short hair again and this was it…

So this is based off of a JayTim fabric AU of Tim Drake ((it sounds pretty damn canon to me))who after Dick dismissed as being robin, became Jason Todd’s partner…

Based off of this wonderful fanfic http://m.fanfiction.net/s/8496984/1/Hoodlum

Follow the writer here on Tumblr… http://thelittlestcrane.tumblr.com/

:) I hope I got him right…

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    I love Hoodlum!Timmy as much as I do Stray!Timmy.
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    Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOSSHHH HIS BOOOOOTTTSSS They sort of remind me of Kingdom Hearts boots and I love that so much! And...
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